How to rock the over-sized sweater look; it’s not spring quite yet!

Spring is so close we can almost smell it, right? But as the snow is currently whirling around outside my window I must admit that “almost” is never quite good enough, and that I will be sticking to the winter wardrobe for a bit longer, no matter how much I’m looking forward to the spring and summer fashion. I know, I know; no fun; I’ve bought so much spring clothes that I won’t be able to use in quite a while due to living in the more winter friendly climates. There are however ways to look as stylish as always while still keeping the cold at bay. The over-sized sweaters are the trend that keeps on giving! Here I have some tips to add that little extra to the over-sized sweater look!
This flowy knit from is just so cozy and lightweight. Super casual and perfect for the slightly warmer days. To make more of a statement, wear it with some colourful pants and accessories. (You will notice that I am a bit of a maroon and burgundy freak) 😉
15240258_1149687281733757_1461155731_n[1]_2 (1)
 “Hahaha, how about no?!” Am i right, ladies?
This look is made to turn heads! I love wearing an over-sized sweater like a loose dress. Gives me the perfect opportunity to pull out my thigh high socks from H&M too. (I am so grateful that they keep selling them every year as I wear them out pretty fast.) Now, this sweater has some nice, deep pockets on the sides that one can barely see. That’s right, POCKETS! As I’m not very much for handbags, (I know, there is clearly something very wrong with me), some proper pockets are my very best friend.
(Sadly, the store I bought this shirt in is one i do not buy from anymore, for ethical reasons, so I will not be mentioning them here.)
14697051_1108811749154644_1402986380_n[1]_3 (1)
          Knit from H&M, bag from Ahlens, pants from Vero Moda.
 One of the best things with the over-sized sweater is that it’s a total grab and go, and it’s guaranteed to be a stylish street piece. This last one is from port 73.
          Knit from Vero Moda.
Sometimes, less is more. Just showing of some collarbone or adding some bralette lace to the look makes for a romantic and flirty accessory in itself.
I hope you found some inspiration and is ready to keep warm for a little bit longer!
Til’ next time!

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