Last Minute St. Patrick’s Day Outfit

If you, like me, aren’t so big on collecting the color green for your wardrobe, finding a suitable outfit for the leprechaun celebrations can be a challenge. Now, I do have an outfit reserved for this day’s celebrations, but as I am not at home my closet is pretty much limited to what I packed in my suitcases. So i found that an easy, last minute way to look the part on this day, without buying a whole new outfit, is to simply accessorize!


  I made it real easy for myself and bought this cheap (wannabe) bow tie for three dollars at Target. Yes, it’s cheap and yes, it looks cheap, however this is mostly a party/dressup kind of… holiday? So you’ll get away with some costume-y pieces.  Anyway, to dress it up you can choose a more elegant piece to go with the accessory(ies) to balance out the outfit. I chose this elegant romper with some simple black heels from H&M.




I hope this can be to some help for all you last minute-ers out there! Also I’d love to see all of  your St. Patrick’s Day looks!












I hope all you leprechauns have a great weekend and a happy St. Patrick’s Day!!! 

‘Til next time!


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