Arts of California

I have internet access!!!!!!! Hehe, sorry. So anyway, I was whisked away to california, (where I did not have internet access), in a hurry, so I have a newfound appreciation for being connected. In exchange for this inconvenience I got the chanse to explore some new territory, and I’ve got the pictures to prove it.























































My man was kind enough to take me on some sightseeing so I’d get to feel like a real tourist. Apparently Auburn is known for its statues so as the good tourist I am I now have them on film 😉






17078001_10206393134667589_732836130_n_2 17028652_10206393135947621_1087784219_n_2 17078397_10206393136427633_2097030693_n_2                                          She was magnificent..

17101869_10206393137227653_448344184_n_2 17105427_10206393135587612_2017647504_n 17035231_10206393135147601_775113055_n_217105598_10206393135867619_553377793_n17078497_10206393136147626_149785532_n16996619_10206393134867594_513440411_n





















Such a cute town!



17035256_10206393119867219_930500516_n 17101798_10206393120987247_466383197_n

17035632_10206393136947646_369026799_n_2 17105272_10206393121747266_1090417946_n_2



I love street art!! It’s such an inspiring way to brighten up the often grey and monotone city streets. I can’t look at it without smiling!













The California weather made it almost worth being unconnected, though. As a swede I can say it was absolutely early summer heat. Love!! Back in the bipolar weather of New Jersey now, though. Oh well.

 I’ll be back with some more California street art soon.
‘Til next time!

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