All black; beyond the little black dress

The all black outfit is an all-time winner. It works as casual wear as well as at a fancy gala, or at the office. It’s also the all-time safe choice, and to pull off a showstopping all-black outfit without blending into the masses can be a bit of a challenge. The LBD might be a timeless piece of art and a perfect go-to at most occasions, but I personally like to stand out a little more and make a bit of a statement. So here are some ways to play with the all black silhouette:

15280900_1151069904928828_538250876_n[1]_2 (1)As usual, the little details makes all the difference. I found these highwaisted pants on The shoes and top are from H&M. I think you can still find the shoes there, they have been around for a few years now 😉

14518267_1092567760779043_1101139601_n[2]_2Love this body suit from Was inspired to buy it after I’d just realized that one benefit of being flat-chested is that you can never look too busty. Woot!

I chose to add this bralette for an extra detail, but it works just as well to use some fashion tape to keep everything in place 😉 All but the shoes are from

14248806_1077332898969196_476548173_n[1]_2Works perfectly well as a bohemian summer outfit as well.  The slits in the maxi skirt really brings an extra dimension to the look. I got it at Bikbok a few years back. Perfect for Coachella, if you’re going 😉 I will have some bohemian summer looks up in time, just waiting for it to stop snowing over here, haha ^-^”

Just a little something for when your favorite LBD happens to be in the laundry basket just when you need it.

How do you spice up the all black silhouette? Please let me know in the comments!

‘Til next time!


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