Styling momjeans, part 3: Spring/Summer



The weather is all over the place here right now. One day it feels like summer, the next like very early spring. Actually I’d say it can differ from one hour to the next. Go, Swedish weather! x)  So, what to wear?




I love crops of all kinds to really get that summer look. So this black long-sleeved crop is just perfect! The black colour and the long sleeves serves to keep me a little warmer than your typical mid summer outfit, but while still being a light, interesting piece for a spring appropriate look.










These sunnies from is a find from last year that I am still so in love with! The retro hippie feeling they bring on makes them such a special piece. They have served to spice up many of my ootds 😉











Super cosy, cool outfit for spring! I’d love to know how you handle the Spring/Summer transitioning! Please let me know in the comments.

Lots of love!


‘Til next time! ❤












































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