I had a lot of fun shooting this, other than the worry that someone would come by, haha. I hope you like it too. Not really an outfit shoot. I’ve noticed that I’m going more … More

Playful Maxi

  So I just wanted to show off this beautiful maxi dress from boohoo.com. Last years. It’s so beautiful, yet has a bit of playfulness and edge with the cut-outs. I actually ended up wearing this when I got married. (Courtroom and judge,  no wedding. Would probably go a bit more extravagant for that ^-^) But … More Playful Maxi

Blue Summer

Hello everyone!! Long time, no see, I know. Been trying to find some time for shoots and editing, and now I’ve got some awesome new content that I have been dying to share with you guys! (Coz I’m a shopaholic.)  This is from a double shoot I did a while back. Was finally able to find … More Blue Summer

I’m daydreaming about sunny beaches, blue oceans, late summer nights, and road trips with the best. I want to feel wild and free, with bohemian vibes…                             Summer memories truly are the best memories, and I can’t wait to make some new … More


How do I wear a “minimal” outfit and still make it look chic and interesting? A little tip for those minimal days is to pick out one piece with a bit of personality, and then just build the rest of the outfit with simple basics.     I recently picked up this top from H&M. I love how it hangs … More Minimal

Colour the world!

Some more California art for you. And these things are made for artwork! I still don’t understand why we don’t have things like this everywhere ❤  I mean, these are super boring to look at otherwise, and they’ve turned them into art! It’s amazing! I can’t see them without smiling 😀         … More Colour the world!